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These are some of the post created by the students enrolled for the Parametric design course at Politecnico di Milano -  DigiSkills

    Amiri Sarina
    • Chunking down step 1

      Darling Square, Kengo Kuma In this stage, there are two main problems with this geometry: 1- Although there is the “cap holes” component, the cylinders are not capped. 2- In the fifth floor, there are multiple cylinders instead of one cylinder. After solving these problems, the wooden elements can e added to this shape. Therefore,Continue reading "Chunking down step 1"

    Bondarenko Vera
    • Chunking down step 1

      3. As a first step I tryied to understand and find one module of roof, using the math approach. So, with the hepl of Grath Mapper, the sequence of points repeat the form of Caussian curve. 4. Defects in the geometry: now it seems complicated to control z coordinate of each point in the sequenceContinue reading "Chunking down step 1"

    Changshu Chen
    • Chunking down step 1

      I think the current stage is to create the curved struc继续阅读"Chunking down step 1"

    Chen Xiwen
    • AETICLE-03

      Keys for Harbin Grand Theatre 1.Shape The concept of th继续阅读"AETICLE-03"

    • AETICLE-02

      The Keys for Approaching the Model (Olympic Stadium, Be继续阅读"AETICLE-02"

    • AETICLE-01

      Favorite Architecture In recent years, Hutong renovatio继续阅读"AETICLE-01"

    Cesaretti Giovanni
    • Rolex Learning Center / SANAA

      Rolex Learning Centre in The Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Designed by Japanese studio SANAA, by Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa, the Rolex Learning Center is a highly experimental building, designed for new ways of learning and new forms of interaction that characterise the 21st century.and the new forms of interaction that characterise the 21stContinua a leggere "Rolex Learning Center / SANAA"

    Chinappa Veena
    Feng Yimin
    • Chunking down step 1

      Pier 55 park, Thomas Heatherwick By following previous lesson and steps that have been mentioned in the email, a rough top surface of model is created. Later on, I try to do more but faced several problems. The first one is about shapes by “voronoi”. In Pier 55 park, the shape is pentagon. However, itContinue reading "Chunking down step 1"

    Gragnaniello Luca
    • Hengqin International Financial Center – Aedas

      China, Zhuhai – 2020 A new challenge, that is what it is. This building is astonishing it has a very complex shape and structure that characterize and elevate it to another level, it is the expression of the modern architecture of the 21st century. I will start my study of the model approach from theContinue reading "Hengqin International Financial Center – Aedas"

    Gu Minyue
    • Chunking down step 1

      STEP: Propose the next step to advance in the model: I 继续阅读"Chunking down step 1"

    Haya Alhussaini
    • Chunking down step 1

      This is the resulted shape, if I follow the instruction correctly, for “Hengqin International Financial Center, Aedas” PROBLEME: I have to get the curve straighter on Z coordinate and also higher, and get the long on X shorter. So I think I have to control the points more…. I think I need to use “NurbsContinue reading "Chunking down step 1"

    Ibrahim Sara
    • Chunking Down Step 1

      Project: Hengqin International Financial Center, Aedas After moving forward with the first steps of making the model, I think the next issue will be trying to continue the curve to move one more time on the x-axis in a different direction. However the project exhibits instances when the volumes appear as if they are comingContinue reading "Chunking Down Step 1"

    Kurtoglu Efe
    • Passenger Clearance Building / RSHP + Aedas

      Shape/ When we look at exterior: A symmetrical and repetitive shape of the building is customary like other transportation buildings such as especially airports. The wave shaped roof structure is ordinary. But with the its unique structural system makes the building one and only. From the inside, we can recognize this properties. Mathematics/ We can … Passenger Clearance Building / RSHP + Aedas yazısını okumaya devam et →

    Li Guangyao
    • UNIT 3

      Hengqin International Financial Center The project is located in Zhuhai’s Hengqin Island, a future financial district connecting Hong Kong, Macao and other major cities in the Greater Bay Area. Inspired by “The Nine Dragons”, a famous stroll of Chinese painting from the Song Dynasty, the design embodies the convergence of energy in the architectural form.Continue reading "UNIT 3"

    Li Sichao
    • Chunking down step 1

      哈尔滨大剧院 The Harbin Opera House The grand theatre takes the natural beauty of the north as its premise. In an attempt to This step is to prepare for the shell plasticity in the final model. The current problem is that the surface I generated is composed of straight lines, and the surface in the finalContinue reading "Chunking down step 1"

    Lotto Anna
    • Chunking down – Step 1

      In questa prima fase di modellazione, il primo elemento che si è tentato di risolvere è la copertura. Quest’ultima è creata secondo un sistema modulare prefabbricato di grandi dimensioni con una maglia strutturale di 36 x 36 m. L’andamento curvilineo può essere ricondotto ad una curva gaussiana.  Uno dei punti, che potrebbe risultare difficile neiContinua a leggere "Chunking down – Step 1"

    Lyu Meng
    • Chunking down step 1

      Hengqin International Financial Center, Aedas – Make 4 points; the first one will have z=300; the others will have in succession X equal to 10, 50, 300 – Use a merge to converge the points into a stream – Use points to make a control point curve – Use a perp frame component to obtainContinue reading "Chunking down step 1"

    Madonna Alessandra
    • Chunking down step 1

      Busan Cinema Center, Coop Himmelb(l)au Il primo problema riscontrato in questo primo tentativo di modellazione del progetto è legato alla realizzazione della copertura del Busan Cinema Center. Si tratta di una struttura piuttosto complessa e risulta, perciò, necessario approcciarla per fasi. Il componente Graph Mapper risulta troppo poco ricco di coordinate per poter ricreare ilContinua a leggere "Chunking down step 1"

    Malvagna Zoe
    • Oculus – Santiago Calatrava

      My favorite parametric architecture is the Oculus, world trade center transportation hub by Santiago Calatrava in New York, USA. It’s a new, permanent facility for Lower Manhattan, located immediately to the east of the original World Trade Center Twin Towers.   The station is comprised of steel ribs and glass arrayed in a large elliptical…Altro

    Mantica Caterina
    • SUNAC GUANGZHOU GRAND THEATRE Steven Chilton Architects

      Architect: Steven Chilton Architects Built in: 2020 Location: Guangzhou, Cina The Sunac Gangzhou Grand  was designed by Steven Chilton Architects of London and opened in 2020. Shape: it has been inspired by the city’s historical connection to silk since the town, originally called Canton, was one of the main trading ports of the Silk Road.Continua a leggere "SUNAC GUANGZHOU GRAND THEATRE Steven Chilton Architects"

    Miao Yumeng
    • Chunking down step 1

      I am looking for a solution to model the structure part. I think that the model of the structure part is difficult if I use Grasshopper. And is the arc of this geometric shape random or does it have a specific value to control it?(This time I just randomly adjust the Gaussian curve in graphContinue reading "Chunking down step 1"

    Li Shihan
    • Chunking down step 1

      Fisrt step_Shape: The first step is to solve the overal继续阅读"Chunking down step 1"

    Li Xiang
    Li Kelan
    • Post Title

      Sunac Guangzhou Grand Theatre SCA Design Steven Chilton继续阅读

    Liu Changming

      PROBLEMNo problem yet. DEFECTSNo defects yet. ADVANCEa. Connecting the points using interpolate lineb. Extrude the line into a surfacec. Define the points to construct columns (This will be a problem.)

    Mahmoudi Shaghayegh
    • The Voice of Hagia Sophia

      Before the Current Building As with many great cathedrals and basilicas, the Hagia Sophia stands on a site that is purported to have long been a place of religious buildings. It is believed that a Roman pagan temple once stood where the modern building lies. The first Christian church on the site of the HagiaContinue reading "The Voice of Hagia Sophia"

    Narvaez Mendieta Jill Nadine
    • Passenger Clearance Building, RSHP + Aedas

      DISCRETIZE – first key word for the model becuase i think in this case the curves are the result of the combination of multiples single elements. WIREFRAME + MATH – I think is very important have ad idea on how we will use our single element. It has to be clear how will be theContinua a leggere "Passenger Clearance Building, RSHP + Aedas"

    Ren Yankai
    • Chunking down step 1

      I think there is a problem with the shape. The shape of the building should be tall and thin, not short and fat. The height and number of floors are correct, but the radius of the circle at the bottom should not be 100 meters. The next step should be to find more multiple pointsContinue reading "Chunking down step 1"

    Raccampo Ilaria
    • Chunking Down Step 1

      Hengqin International Financial Center, Aedas PROBLEM- Doing these first steps in making the model, we can see that there is something wrong with it: the vertical part of it should follow the Z-axis and not curved; also the bottom part has a rotation that is not present yet in the model. ADVANCING the MODEL- ForContinua a leggere "Chunking Down Step 1"

    Sajadifar Amir Mohammad
    • Penang International Airport

      Wireframe : As can be seen in the picture, the grid forming the roof covering is composed of specific wireframes that are branched out of a single column and connected to each other. These wireframes define the plates that make up the roof. Math : The order of these lattice plates is the formation ofContinue reading "Penang International Airport"

    Roudsari Pegah Shekofte
    • Chunking down step 1

      30 Saint Mary Axe Tower – Foster + Partners To start the modeling process of the 30 St Mary Axe tower in Grasshopper, the very first step is to introduce its base which is a circle with a certain radius and then within the use of command movewe can multiply it in the Z direction.Continue reading "Chunking down step 1"

    Shourgeshti Faezeh
    • Pier 55 park, Thomas Heatherwick

      Pier 55 park Thomas Heatherwick Analyze the model with 6 keys The first thing we can see in this project is that this little Island is formed of mushroom-shaped columns made from concrete, it present DISCRETIZE approachThese concrete columns are set at different levels to create an undulating platform that shows us DISPLACEMENT.Finally, the wholeContinue reading "Pier 55 park, Thomas Heatherwick"

    Sromek Weronika
    • Final model developing

      In order to construct a roof surface the ‚loft’ command has to be implemented. To create a base for it, wavy curves were made by using ‚interpolate’ and ‚rectangular array’ components. To obtain desirable range of wavy curves the ‚rectangle’ command was implemented as a input ‚cell’ to the ‚rectangular array’ component. To obtain theCzytaj dalej "Final model developing"

    Stortini Alessio
    • Chunking Down – Step 1

      In this first attempt at redesigning 30 St Mary Axe, I managed to recreate the outer structure, rotating 5° for each floor, forming the typical diamond-like facade of the building. Furthermore, i added the smaller glass panels, completing the facade. Moving on, i recreated the peculiar shape of each floor, leaving the triangular openings. Currently,Continue reading "Chunking Down – Step 1"

    Sun Yifei
    • Chunking down step1

      Modeling attempts of Darling Square designed by Kengo Kuma Generate a pentagon Use an explode curve to obtain the vertices. Generate a series with step 5, count must correspond to the number of vertices obtained by explode Use the values of the series as factors of a unit Z component. Use the vectors you justContinue reading "Chunking down step1"

    Sun Zhipeng
    • Chunking down step 1

      After generate points on each circle, The generated cur继续阅读"Chunking down step 1"

    Suvarna Rishitha Jeevan

      DEFINING KEYS TO UNDERSTANDING THE DESIGN The new terminal of the Penang International airport opens new dimensions of design through an organic touch to the architectural elements. The repetitive modules of columns which are the dominating feature of this design which is designed parametrically to achieve efficiency in material detailing. The wide-span prefabricated modular roofContinue reading "PENANG INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT"

    Tukach Alesia
    • Pier 55 park / Thomas Heatherwick

      1. Math I think that the primary approach that may be called in the refference this architecture is Math. The signature design of Little Island is featuring irregular, unique and complex undevelopable curved surfaces with few repetitions where every part of the constructure was calculated according to the main aim. The design teams devised “aContinue reading "Pier 55 park / Thomas Heatherwick"

    Vozzhaeva Nadezhda
    • Chunking down. Step 1

      To start the digital model of The Harbin Opera House I traced the main curves on the plan and measured the angles of inclination of facades on the sections. The first base curve to offset is the external contour on the plan. The second base curve is the highest edge of the building. There areContinue reading "Chunking down. Step 1"

    • Harbin Opera House: the keys for approaching the model

      3 / Case study for the digital model / Project info: MAD Architects, Harbin, Beijing, 2014Keywords: shape, wireframe, discretization We envision Harbin Opera House as a cultural center of the future – a tremendous performance venue, as well as a dramatic public space that embodies the integration of human, art and the city identity, whileContinue reading "Harbin Opera House: the keys for approaching the model"

    • Soumaya museum: shape, wireframe, discretization

      2 / The keys for approaching the model / Project info: Mexico City, Mexico, FR-EE Fernando Romero Enterprise, 2011 The Soumaya Museum was opened to the public on March 29, 2011. It has become an architectural icon in the heart of Mexico City and plays a key role in the transformation of the urban perception.Continue reading "Soumaya museum: shape, wireframe, discretization"

    • The architecture by Sou Fujimoto: displacement, discretization, maths

      1 / My favorite architecture / The architectural approach by Sou Fujimoto can be determined as a “primitive future”. For me, his architecture is a poetic interpretation of nature in terms of not shapes but spatial and visual feelings and its relationship with people. It engages in a quiet dialogue with nature, without trying toContinue reading "The architecture by Sou Fujimoto: displacement, discretization, maths"

    Vučinić Barbara
    • Busan Cinema Center by Coop Himmelb(l)au

      Austrian architects Coop Himmelb(l)au won the competition for the project of Busan Cinema Center in South Korea. The construction of this massive building begun in 2008 only to finish four years later in 2012. What is interesting is the fact that this building inscribed itself in the Guinness World Records book as the longest cantileverContinue reading "Busan Cinema Center by Coop Himmelb(l)au"

    Yang Jiaqi
    • Darling Square, the unwrapping of a nest

      Discretize The architecture is characterized by the waving timber envelope surrounding the structure. However, the envelope is composed of many timber stripes. These timber stripes can be seen as the smallest components to perceive the whole. The stripes are composed in organic and spontaneous pattern and wraps around the shifting floor plates. It acts asContinue reading "Darling Square, the unwrapping of a nest"

    Yang Yanzhi
    Yang Yuanyuan
    • Busan Cinema Center

      2005-2012 Location:  Busan,South Korea Client: Municipality of Busan Gross Floor Area: 58000m^2 designed by : COOPHIMMELB(L).AU Assigned Architecture Three Modelling Approaches “Once we build architecture like aircraft wings we will no longer need columns. The cantilevered part of the roof with its 85 meters is twice as long as one wing of the Airbus 380.” CoopContinue reading "Busan Cinema Center"

    Yu Zuchen
    • Chapter 3 Pier 55 park, Thomas Heatherwick

      identify 3 possible keys for the assigned project, organise the keys in hierarchical order of relevance to that project; for each key, briefly explain how the specific key applies to the project. KEYWORD: DiscretizeOTHER KEYWORD: Displacement Emerging Firstly, DISCRETIZE The geometry of the petals follows the Mosaic pattern of Pentagons in Cairo, resulting in theContinue reading "Chapter 3 Pier 55 park, Thomas Heatherwick"

    Wu Bing
    • Chunking down step 1

      Darling Square, Kengo Kuma To complete this model, I need to create spiraling points to generate a ring.The first step I generate a pentagon as the base then use an explode curve to obtain the vertices. Then I generate a series with step 5, count is correspond to the number of vertices obtained by explode.At this step,I foundContinue reading "Chunking down step 1"

    Zhang Yixiang
    • Chunking down step 1

      The screenshot of the model now Special problem: the loft of two curves is wrong, and I try three method to overcome it, and finally, revise the two curve into one boundary in RHINO and form a surface in GH into get the domain of this surface, the sub-curve, as well. Next step: I wantContinue reading "Chunking down step 1"

    Zhang Runxin
    • Title: Chunking down step 1

      Problem: the degree of the domain and graph mapper are hard to find a good a way to make the shape close to the real one. Defects: the surface is seemed like ramdomly generated. No specific number is used to define the surface except the border. Next step: try to find a way to makeContinue reading "Title: Chunking down step 1"

    Zhao Haolin
    • Harbin Grand Theater

      Phase-1 At this phase,use the first floor plan to obtai继续阅读"Harbin Grand Theater"

    Zheng Churui
    • Chunking down step 1

      Model choose: Darling Square, Kengo Kuma Algorithm Geometry Problem When I use an explode curve to obtain the vertices, I get 6 vertices, but the pentagon only has 5 vertices. I don’t know if the requirement needs the real number of points or the number of points it outputs. Now I just use the numberContinue reading "Chunking down step 1"

    Zhong Linxi
    • Chunking down step 1

      Problem: If I use the initial Y-axis value 1 of the gragh mapper to generate the Z-coordinate data of the points, the undulation will become insignificant, so I changed the Y-axis value to 10, and I’m not sure if this is correct. To make sure the number of range values and points are the same,Continue reading "Chunking down step 1"